We offer services with an abundance of Love and Earnest Exchange!

Need Help With Assistance For Your Aging Parents or Family Members With The Orchestration of Moving!

Relocation to a Retirement Home, The Need to Live In a Long Term Care Facility, Downsizing to a Much Smaller Home or Relocation With Another Family Member......

We Offer You All The Help You Need With Helping Those You Love The Most With The Providing Of Time!

Let Design With Endearment Provide The Time Required During This Time of Change For Your Aging Loved One.

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Committed to Excellence & Authentic Customer Service

Our Family Foundation in Barrie, Ontario is giving families the helping hands they need with a comforting and effective way in working towards the change that comes with our aging parents and family members!

Design With Endearment Was Created With The Desire To Help Families With Eliminating The Resistance & Reducing The Confusion With Where To Begin To Get Moving Towards The Move!

As the Daughters of aging parents we humbly understand the often difficult and more so delicate matters that occur during the process of moving with an aging parent or parents and family members.

We recognize the Guilt of not having the Time to Invest the Time that is required during this complicated Time of this Thing called Life! 

Our own experiences have created this business and allows us in genuinely connecting with you and your family to determine how We can Help You Help Them!

Design With Endearment Will Create And Design A Plan For You & Your Family Members In Assisting With Their Next Move.....Giving Families The Time They Need For This Time of Need!



Helping You With Helping Them!

Design With Endearment Is Committed In Making The Difference For You & Your Family For The Love Of A Family!

During Our Free Consultation We Will Determine Together The Needs Of Your Family Member or Members & How Design With Endearment Can Assist With The Time Factor & Endearment Required During This Often Overwhelming Process! 

Design With Endearment Works Very Closely With Determining The Step By Step Process Of  All In-Term Services Required

We Will Provide Our Time In The Sorting Of Your Families Belongings:

The Sorting Allows For The Determination Of Several Possible Outcomes:

The Process Will Begin

Items Now Sorted Into Categories Of Designing The Plan Of Services Required For Your Family

Charitable Items

Family Heirlooms

Disposal Of Items 

Selling On Local Platforms 

Removal Of Unwanted Items

External Services Are Often Required Upon The Completion Of Sorting In The Home!

Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Painters

Professional Organizers

Professional Garden & Landscaping For The Outdoor Space

Upon Completion Of Providing The Services For You & Your Family With The Preparation In The Orchestration Of Prepping For A Move, The Final Step Will Be The Designing Of The Family Home With A Less Is More Look Of Accomplishment!

Design With Endearment Works Closely With You & Your Family In Creating And Designing Services Required For The People You Love In Need During Their Journey Of Life!

Pricing Packages Available

Basic Package  $750.00 plus HST

Free Consultation

Organization of the Sorting Process

Identify All In-term Services & Resources Required

Mid Package $1250.00 plus HST

Free Consultation

Organization of the Sorting Process

Identify All In-term Services Required

Orchestration of Resources & External Services

Premium Package $1750.00 plus HST

Free Consultation

Organization of the Sorting Process

Identify All In-term Services Required

Orchestration of All Resources & External Services

Final Staging of Home Prior To Move

Project Pricing Available Upon Request

Consultations & Connections With Design With Endearment

Tailor Made Services By Daughters With Love

Our Free Consultations help us determine and understand your families needs for this transition in order to ensure  complete satisfaction.

Throughout our process we make sure to passionately connect with you and your family in order to achieve your goals while working closely with each family and their personal journey prior to their Next Move! 

We need to determine and identify what these in-term resources would be & working towards execution of the tasks at hand with the completion in a timely manner!

Design With Endearment

Needing Help With Your Aging Parents And Moving Them.....

Let Design With Endearment Help You Help Them!

  • Design With Endearment Provides The Time

  • Endearment Being Our Vision As We Design Each Family Their Own Personal Journey Towards Change!



Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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"Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have."

Margaret Mead


1 (905) 243-7788

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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